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Think Great Christmas Gifts with Hudson's Bay Blankets

Christmas is right around the corner and finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Lucky for you, WB Woolen Mills has the perfect gifts for all the hard to shop for people in your life and the loved ones you want to give something special this year! Hudson’s Bay Blankets are sure to widen eyes and brighten smiles this Christmas morning. These historical point blankets are built to last, providing a warming gift to last a lifetime and beyond. Hudson’s Bay Blankets often times become family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, carrying their history of origin along with your family history for years to come. Give the gift of cherished warmth and history this Christmas with WB Woolen Mills full selection of Hudson’s Bay Blankets available online with free shipping!

Hudson's Bay BlanketHudson’s Bay 4-Point Blanket

The point system of Hudson’s Bay Blankets is in reference to the size of the blanket. The 4-Point Hudson’s Bay Blanket is relatable to a twin sized blanket. This makes the perfect sized blanket for anyone. Drape this blanket over the back of a couch in your living room or den and be ready to cozy up in front to the TV or a nice relaxing fire. This makes the perfect cuddling blanket, or campfire blanket. Read your kids or grandkids bedtime stories while they are cozied up in the warmth of this Hudson’s Bay Blanket and make memories that last!

Green Hudson's Bay Blanket

Hudson’s Bay 6-Point Blanket

The 6-Point Hudson’s Bay Blanket is relatable to a queen sized blanket. This blanket is a favored size for the Hudson’s Bay Blankets and can be attributed to nearly any application. You can use this blanket comfortably on your queen or double sized bed; wrap yourself up (or even you and a partner) on your camping trips when it gets a little chillier at night; kids can make a living room fort with it or you can just cozy it up on the couch for snuggle time! The 6-Point Hudson’s Bay Blanket does the trick for it all! This wool blanket makes the ideal gift for anyone of any age, and is built to last through a range of uses.

Red Hudson's Bay BlanketHudson’s Bay 8-Point Blanket

8-Point Hudson’s Bay Blankets are a more recent addition to the point system. This is the largest Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket, and is comparable to a king sized blanket. This blanket is sure to be the greatest Christmas gift under the tree. The large size makes it the ideal blanket for virtually all blanket applications. This Hudson’s Bay Blanket can be used for your bed, your living room, a floor blanket, camping and backpacking, your weekend retreat cabin in the woods, your summer home and more! Give this Hudson’s Bay Blanket as a Christmas gift and you’ll be giving more than just a blanket, you’ll be giving years of memories, warmth and quality reliability!

Whether it be for a special someone or you’re treating yourself, the Hudson’s Bay Blanket is an absolutely amazing gift, providing generations of memories and warmth!

Shop our full selection of historical Hudson’s Bay Blankets in a variety of colors and sizes online now from WB Woolen Mills!