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Choko Designs

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Choko Deluxe Kids Winter Snow Pants
Choko Deluxe Kids Winter Snow Pants
Part #: 95-28PN
Choko Junior Sport Snowmobile Jacket
Choko Junior Sport Snowmobile Jacket
Part #: 4-3094-4
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Ladies EXR
Choko Ladies EXR
Part #: 90U89JK
Free Shipping
Peacock Blue
Choko Ladies Nylon Powder Jacket
Part #: 186118
Free Shipping
Mens Quatro Snowmobile Bib
Choko Mens Quatro Snowmobile Bib
Part #: 95-97P
Free Shipping
Black Safety Green Lime
CHOKO Quantum Mens Nylon Jacket
Part #: 192119
Free Shipping
Storm Nylon Gloves
Choko Storm Nylon Gloves
Part #: 96U258P
Storm Nylon Mitts
Choko Storm Nylon Mitts
Part #: 96-2260
Choko Thermal Balaclava
Part #: 281218
Warm Ultra Leather Glove
Choko Warm Ultra Leather Glove
Part #: 94-2500-00
Womens Slick Bibs
Choko Womens Slick Bibs
Part #: 95-85P
Free Shipping
Choko Women's Standard Drop Seat Pants
Part #: 98-85PN000
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Choko Designs

Choko Designs Snowmobile Gear

Choko Designs snowmobile gear offers a level of performance excellence the most quality-conscious snowmobilers, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts have come to appreciate. Choko Design's use of quality materials and innovative construction techniques result in high-tech outdoor clothing and outerwear offering maximum protection against the world's harshest environments. Don't hit the slopes or trails underdressed, shop Choko Designs outdoor clothing online.

West Bend Woolen Mills offers a vast selection of affordably priced Choko clothing and Choko snowmobile apparel keeping you warm and dry in the harshest winter environments. We offer the Choko clothing and Choko snowmobile gear providing full winter protection for men, women, and children. Keep your hands warm on the throttle with West Bend Woolen Mills’ selection of Choko leather gloves, Choko waterproof mitts, and Choko claw mitts. We offer many styles of Choko snowmobile jackets keeping you and your family warm and looking great out on the winter wonderland trails. Our selection of Choko snowmobile suits provide you head to toe protection with innovative features like Teflon protective finishes, waterproof liners, high-density polyester insulation, and much more. For maximum winter protection on the snowmobile trails, sledding hills, or ski slopes, shop West Bend Woolen Mills for quality Choko clothing and Choko snowmobile gear.

Don’t let the winter lessen your love for the outdoors. You’ll appreciate the beauty of a strong snowfall when you’re warm and dry with West Bend Woolen Mills’ Choko snowmobile apparel. Call West Bend Woolen Mills today at 1.877.334.7052 or contact us online to speak to an outdoor clothing specialist about high quality Choko snowmobile gear.