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Wigwam Socks-Wool Socks for all Seasons

Wigwam Socks for Hikers, Athletes and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Keeping your feet in good condition is an incredibly important part of any sporting activity. The average consumer doesn’t think much about the importance of their socks. Many people simply put on whatever socks they find in the morning and forget about them until it’s time to take them off. A high quality pair of socks can make all the difference when it comes to comfort, support and durability.

Outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and the wise minded know how important socks really are. Having warm, dry and comfortable feet is essential to enjoying your favorite activities, such as hiking, snowboarding, skiing and running. High quality socks are vital for comfort, reducing or eliminating the chance for painful blisters and controlling odor.

Wigwam socks have been leading the sock manufacturing industry since their inception over 100 years ago. Wigwam socks are proudly made in Sheboygan, WI, and contain wool and yarn from U.S. manufacturers and producers. This homegrown attitude and attention to quality materials, paired with constant innovation and application, has kept Wigwam socks at the top of their industry for decades.

Wigwam socks manufacture an extensive line of high quality outdoor, sport, snowsports, work and health related socks. Wigwam socks, like our classic Wigwam 625 socks and the heavyweight Wigwam Husky socks, have long been popular with customers at WB Woolen Mills.

Wigwam Outdoor Socks

Wigwam Socks DiagramWigwam Outdoor socks are designed for maximum comfort, support, moisture control and durability. Fast drying Wigwam hiking socks feature their patented Dri-Release technology. Dri-Release Wigwam socks contain hydrophilic fibers designed to wick moisture away from the skin. Excess moisture is then absorbed by the outer layers of the sock to later evaporate. WB Woolen Mills carries a wide variety of outdoor socks, such as the Wigwam 40 Below, the Wigwam El-Pine and the Wigwam Merino Wool Comfort Hiker.

Wigwam Sport and Snowsport Socks

Sport and Snowsport socks are designed for support and incredible comfort. Wigwam sport socks feature a foot hugging fit to keep your feet comfortable and blister free. Wigwam snowsport socks are perfect for skiing and snowboarding and complete with shin padding for cushioning those common falls. All Wigwam sport socks and snowsport socks come with cushioned soles, moisture absorbing fabrics and seamless toe closure for maximum comfort and performance. WB Woolen Mills carries a vast selection of sport and snowsport Wigwam socks, such as the Wigwam Ironman Thunder Pro Crew, the Wigwam 625, the classic original wool athletic sock from the 50’s and 60’s and the Wigwam Husky socks, the heavyweight version of our popular Wigwam 625.

Wigwam Work Socks

Work related footwear from Wigwam socks champion comfort and odor control. Wigwam work socks feature fortified soles to stop wear and tear, like the Wigwam At Work Steel Toe. Wigwams work socks feature Outlast fibers which help to balance the temperature of your feet to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Wigwam socks contain everlasting odor control, an anti-microbial treatment designed to stop odor causing bacteria and athletes foot. Products like the Wigwam At Work Crew 3-Pack and the Wigwam At Work Double Duty 2-Pack feature the Wigwam FreshGuard odor control treatment.

Wigwam Diabetic Socks

Wigwam socks also manufacture a full line of socks for diabetics and those with circulation issues. These socks stay up with a gentle hugging action, keeping them from slipping down and creating irritating skin conditions. This gentle hugging action and natural pressure also assist with improving blood flow and keeping feet warm. Wigwam diabetic socks, such as the Wigwam Diabetic Sport Crew, the Wigwam Diabetic Strider and the Wigwam Diabetic Walker are all accepted by the American and Canadian Podiatric Medical Association.

WB Woolen Mills, your local provider of high quality and durable Wigwam socks, carries an extensive line of Wigwam socks for everyone. We believe in the quality and dependability of Wigwam socks and recommend them highly to all of our customers. Please browse through our wide selection of quality Wigwam socks here at West Bend Woolen Mills Store.