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The Hard to Find Classic Wigwam Athletic Socks

WB Woolen Mills proudly offers you the superior quality, hard to find, classic Wigwam socks America has grown to love. Most sock lovers are familiar with Wigwam as the producers of the original athletic sock commonly worn in the1950’s and 1960’s. Wigwam goes back further than that, and WB Woolen Mills has kept all the historical favorites available for you. Wigwam socks from WB Woolen Mills are the perfect blend of the olden days mixed with modern technology, providing you the superior sock solution for any of your wool sock needs.

Wigwam Mills, Inc. was founded in 1905 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Wigwam came to existence just a year after the Sheboygan Knitting Company was lost to a terrible fire. Three former Sheboygan Knitting Company employees teamed together to make what would become one of the greatest wool knitting companies in the US still today. During World War II, Wigwam Mills, Inc. devoted the majority of their production capacity to knitting Wigwam Merino Wool socks similar to the Wigwam Comfort Hiker sock for the US troops overseas. WB Woolen Mills is proud to carry these amazing, top-of-the-line Wigwam wool socks so you can experience the same warmth and durability year round for years to come. Later, when WWII ended in the 1940s, Wigwam expanded their production to include quality athletic socks and casual socks. Among these newer Wigwam athletic socks were the Wigwam 625 socks and the heavier version of these, the Wigwam Husky socks, both available online here at WB Woolen Mills. These socks quickly became the most popular athletic crew socks worn throughout the nation, and are still known today as the original wool athletic socks of the 50s and 60s.

Buy Wigwam 625 and Wigwam Husky Socks Online

Today, the classic Wigwam 625 socks and Wigwam Husky socks are more difficult to find, yet still have the same demand. WB Woolen Mills offers these original Wigwam socks in various sizes, as well as many other popular and historical Wigwam wool socks. Wigwam 625 socks and Wigwam Husky socks were commonly referred to as “sweat sox” in the 60s, and worn with Converse All Stars among other fashion trends. With converse shoes and other past trends recently regaining popularity, it only seems natural the socks would come back with them. WB Woolen Mills makes sure you don’t have to look any further, classic performance Wigwam 625 athletic socks and Wigwam Husky socks are available here for your convenience. These Wigwam athletic socks still have the same great quality they’ve carried for years. Wigwam 625 socks and the heavier version, Wigwam Husky socks, have proven to be great for any type of wear from daily casual to athletic sportswear, as well as everyday work and heavy duty construction socks. There’s a good reason why so many people are looking for these socks, and WB Woolen Mills delivers.

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Wigwam 625 classic athletic crew socks and the heavier Wigwam Husky socks feature supreme breathability, a true fit top keeping them up all day long, and a fortified heel and toe to supply ultimate comfort and durability. Look no further for these hard to find classic Wigwam athletic socks. Buy Wigwam 625 Socks and Wigwam Husky Socks online now, and shop our full selection of Wigwam Wool Socks of all kinds from WB Woolen Mills.